An economist who believes that changes in the money supply are the most important determinants of economic activity and economic cycles. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. monetarist mon‧e‧ta‧rist 1 [ˈmʌntərst ǁ ˈmɑː-] noun [countable] ECONOMICS
someone, usually an economist or a politician, who believes in monetarism and who thinks that the economy should be managed using these ideas:

• She isn't a pure monetarist who would concentrate only on money-supply measures.

  [m0] II. monetarist monetarist 2 adjective
relating to or involving monetarism:

• The major overall result of the government's monetarist economic policy has been a severe reduction in public expenditure.

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monetarist UK US /ˈmʌnɪtərɪst/ US  /ˈmɑnɪtərɪst/ noun [C] ECONOMICS
someone who supports the idea of monetarism: »

He was a monetarist who treated economic problems as technical challenges.

monetarist UK US /ˈmʌnɪtərɪst/ US  /ˈmɑnɪtərɪst/ adjective
supporting or relating to the idea of monetarism: »

A commission headed by a leading monetarist economist recommended that the Fund pull out of long-term development lending.


monetarist policies/economics

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